Amsterdam Platform for Privacy Research

Several departments at the UvA conduct privacy research. They include:

Ad de Jonge Center

The Ad de Jonge Center for Intelligence and Security Studies focuses on education, research and knowledge valorisation in the field of intelligence and security services. The center looks at the interaction between security policies on the one hand and civil rights and privacy on the other. More grounds for discussion in this field are offered by the development of new technology, increasing use of the internet  and the threat transnational terrorism poses. 

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  • Willemijn Aerdts
  • Giliam de Valk

Amsterdam Business School 

The Business School conducts and publishes internationally recognised research across a broad range of disciplines. In 2002, the school created a research institute to increase academic excellence and build a national and international presence. In the past few years, the Business School has substantially increased its number of publications in internationally refereed journals.

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  • Edo Roos Lindgreen

Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research

The AISSR unites all social science research at the UvA. The research programme focuses on the functioning of contemporary societies and their interrelationships from a historical, comparative and empirical perspectives. Research is conducted by thematically focused programme groups with anchors in traditional disciplines including: sociology, geography, planning & development studies, political science and anthropology. Four interdisciplinary centres ensure that cooperation across programme groups is institutionalised. 

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APPR Participants:

  • Marieke de Goede
  • Francisca Grommé
  • Julien Jeandesboz

Amsterdam Medical Centre

The Department of Social Medicine initiates, conducts and publishes high quality research in the fields of public health, health promotion and health services. Our research provides scientific evidence to support policies that improve the health of populations at the local, national and international levels. Research focuses on the health of migrants from poor countries, ethnic minority groups and other socio-economically disadvantaged groups.

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  • Jan Drapers
  • Beer Franken
  • Corrette Ploem 

Amsterdam School of Communication Research

From 2010-2015 the ASCoR research programme will focus on the contents, uses and consequences of media and communication. This research pioneers a renewal of media effects theorizing, which sees media use as the outcome of individual dispositions and context. It examines conditional effects, asking who media affects under which circumstances, and indirect effects, examining the processes through which media has an effect. Research incorporates communication science theories and other disciplines. 

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Participants :

  • Susanne Baumgartner
  • Arie den Boon
  • Guda Noort
  • Jochen Peter
  • Sindy Sumter
  • Edith Smith
  • Hilde Voorveld

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

The Sociology and Anthropology Department is home to two research groups: the Sociology group and the Anthropology group. The Sociology group focuses on research and education in the areas of Sociology of Care and Policy, Urban Sociology, Labour Sociology, Organisation and Policy, Cultural Sociology and General Sociology. The Anthropology group focuses on the areas of Religion and Society, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Anthropology, Sociology and History of Asia.

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  • Sjaak van der Geest
  • Linnet Taylor

Faculty of Law

The research undertaken at the Faculty of Law is characterised by its international orientation and its high standards. There are several research centres which specialise in the following areas: International Law, European Union Law, Private Law, Environmental Law, Labour Law & Information Law.

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  • Robin Hoenkamp
  • Gerdo Kuiper 

Institute for Informatics

The mission of the Institute is to perform curiosity-driven and use-inspired fundamental research in Computer Science. Research involves complex information systems at large, with a focus on collaborative, data-driven, computational and intelligent systems, all with a strong interactive component. We prefer to select specific topics and pursue them from methods in informatics and engineering, rather than to choose between fundamental or engineering science. As part of the research mission, the Institute maintains strategic multidisciplinary research links both inside and outside the University of Amsterdam.

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  • Jeroen van Beek
  • Jaap van Ginkel
  • Jeroen van der Ham
  • Ben Kröse
  • Cees de Laat
  • Guido van ’t Noordende

Institute for Information Law

Information law is the law relating to the production, marketing, distribution and use of information goods and services. Information law comprises a wide set of legal issues at the crossroads of intellectual property, media law, telecommunications law, freedom of expression and right to privacy.

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  • Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm
  • Axel Arnbak
  • Balasz Bodó
  • Egbert Dommering
  • Nico van Eijk
  • Wouter Hins
  • Kristina Irion
  • Jan Kabel
  • Aernout Nieuwenhuis
  • Manon Oostveen
  • Bart van der Sloot
  • Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius

Media Studies & the Archive School

Media Studies is a department of the UvA Faculty of Behavioural Sciences. It leads scholars in the fields of film, television, new media, archiving, documentation and journalism.

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APPR Participants:

  • José van Dijck
  • Agnes Jonker
  • Eric Ketelaar
  • Geer Lovink
  • Maaike Lulofs
  • Richard Rogers
  • Tjeerd Schiphof
  • Lonneke van den Velde
  • Hans Waalwijk


The department of philosophy is one of the departments of the Faculty of Humanities.

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APPR Participants:

  • Huub Dijstelbloem
  • Martin van Hees
  • Marjolein Lanzig
  • Dorota Mokrosinska
  • Beate Roessler

Published by  APPR

10 January 2019