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Group Privacy

Together with UvA and Oxford University:


The debate on Big Data, Open Data, and Data Protection focuses on individual privacy. How can the latter be protected while taking advantage of the enormous potentialities offered by ever-larger and accessible data sets and ever-smarter algorithms and applications? The tension is ultimately ethical. Two moral duties need to be reconciled: fostering human rights and improving human welfare. Currently, the beneficiaries of the exercise of the two moral duties are the individual and the society to which the individual belongs. Such a framework is not mistaken, but it is dangerously reductive, and it should be expanded urgently to include groups and their privacy, understood as a right held by a group as a group rather than by its members severally.



Nico van Eijk
Luciano Floridi
Dara Hallinan
Kieron O’Hara
Paul de Hert

Mireille Hildebrandt
Julia Hoffmann
Alessandro Mantelero
Ugo Pagallo
Beate Roessler
Nishant Shah
Bart van der Sloot
Linnet Taylor


Date: 8 en 9 September 2014

Location: Eye filminstituut